In business and owner operated since 1995, we pride ourselves on being one of the few remaining "mom and
pop" businesses in operation.  It is our desire and our goal to offer personalized customer service, while also
enjoying continued valuable relationships with our customers.
We are centrally located in the historic, yet up and coming Sellwood District in Portland, OR.  Every inch of our
2,500 square foot showroom/warehouse is "filled to the gills" with an extremely eclectic mix of new furniture.  
Considered a great resource by our customers, we can almost always accommodate every style or design
request by finding exactly what our customers are looking for.  Customers are always welcome to come in, get
comfy, and search through our extensive catalogue library, often more convenient than shopping from store to


We do many things that other furniture stores are unable to do partly as a result of their larger size.  

  • We do not deliver, however we can connect you with a reliable delivery service if needed.  No trucks, no
    insurance, and no drivers to pay is again another huge way to keep our prices down.

  • We do not advertise in newspapers, radio, or television.  This website is our only form of advertisement.
    This is easily the biggest way we keep our prices lower than the other guys. We depend strictly on word of
    mouth, which is why we always aim to make everyone who walks through the door happy with their

  • We do not tie up a lot of money in unnecessary inventory. About 80- 90% of everything we sell is out of
    the catalogues.

  • We do not have a large staff.  The store is currently run by the owner, Dan Baker, so you will not be
    hounded by "high pressure" salespeople who are worried about making their commissions and thus, no
    large payroll.

For these reasons we are able to use the lowest possible markup for all of our merchandise.
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